How we came about

Hi my name is Frances, and I'm glad you're here.

SassyTags was inspired when my sister was pregnant and planning for her post-birth voyage home from the hospital.

One of her new mommy concerns was with road safety.

With all the texting and driving going on these days, she wanted to let other drivers on the road to drive safe because she had a newborn in her car.

So she went online and searched for car decals, but couldn't find a single one she liked.

She saw the classic 'Baby On Board' signs, but wasn't too excited about them - I remember her saying they were a bit too, well... classic.

She wanted something fresh, with more personality.

I saw how disappointed she was, and being the supportive sister that I am, I started to think about how to solve her dilemma.

She's a huge fan of Domo, and wanted a Baby on Board sign.

I put two and two together, and a few days later, Domo Baby on Board was born!

She was so excited when I showed her the designs, that I wanted to share her happiness with other mom drivers!

So if you're looking for a Baby on Board car decal with a fresh Domo inspired twist, you've come to the right place!